NYU student works at iPhone factory for 6 weeks and opens up about the work there

Have you wondered what its like assembling Apple’s iPhone?

A NYU student, Dejian Zeng spent his summer project working at Pegatron’s iPhone factory for six weeks. He talked in length with Business Insider about the daily working environment, security checks and pay.

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Yahoo is reporting another data breach

Wow… Well it seems that Yahoo can’t seem to shake the data breaches. Now they are reporting another data breach between 2015 and 2016. If you are going to continue using Yahoo as your email then the only thing I can suggest is to change your passwords regularly. I wonder if Verizon will go back and try to renegotiate once again.

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Apple may have more iPhone 6s model with random shutdown than previously thought

It seems that more iPhone 6s models may have been affected then previously thought by Apple. Yesterday Apple said that the reason for the iPhone 6s shut downs was due to prolonged air exposure during battery manufacturing but now it seems they will issue a iOS update to help track down the other models

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