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Oracle bundling

I came across this article last week but if you are updating your java it looks like oracle is now trying to bundle in an plugin. So if you don’t want it installed be sure to uncheck the box that is checked by default.

If you have installed it then you can turn off the extension in the preferences of your browser.

MacRumors has more information here:

Rumors say that Apple may introduce the 12 inch MacBook Pro Retina Air

I may have to agree with the MacRumors article here and say that it is possible. There have been rumors of the new 12 inch MacBook Pro Retina Air circling around for awhile now. It may seem right for Apple to announce it and then when the school season comes along to have a possible hardware bump with it. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

You can read more about it at the MacRumors link below

Apple Macintosh Adware or Malware

The most likely cause that we can come up with is that people are visiting websites and when it comes up saying that a particular piece of software like Adobe FlashPlayer is out of date they are then clicking on the FlashPlayer link on the website as opposed to going to

As with any type of software update it is always recommended to go to the software manufacturers website and download the updates from there.

It seems to becoming more common and if this is something that you are experiencing and having issues with let us help you get rid of this issue. If you are in the Rochester, MN area and are experiencing pop ups with your web browser please call us at 507-529-9600 or 507-258-4572 and we can remove it for you!!