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Will SnapChat change their hold to view function?

It looks like snapchat may abandon the hold to view function in later versions of the software. I find it a little cumbersome but I’ll be curious to see how they change it. This is of course to help make it available on the Apple Watch.

You can read more about at AppleInsider


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UBS analyst says that June quarter may bring 51.1 million iPhone sales

According to an analyst at UBS the demand for the iPhone will result in 51.1 million sales in the June quarter. Which is higher than other analysts are saying. Some have the iPhone doing 48 million and another 43 million. It seems that alot of this is due to the China market opening up and the demand being generated.


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Do you think these 11 things will be in the next iPhone

According to a article by 9to5mac, a noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that there will be 11 new iPhone features. Some of these inlcude Force Touch, 12MP Camber, 2GB RAM and a Rose Gold option. I’m all for the 12MP Camera and more RAM but since they just came out with a Force Touch trackpad I think it’s possible to see it in the new model but I’m betting we’ll see it in the iPhone 8. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a smaller iPhone either. Apple has had the current sizes out now and I don’t think they’ll be doing a ‘mini’ model.

You can see the entire list and more here:


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Safari update brings a fix to some security issues

It looks like the latest version of Apple’s web browser Safari is fixing some security issues in the WebKit. According to AppleInsider one of the vulnerabilities would cause a malicious website to crash or hijack a system, while another would let a site access filesystem contents and the third would let the site spoof the user interface.  This updates applies to Mountain Lion(10.8), Mavericks(10.9) and Yosemite(10.10).

You can read more about it at AppleInsider or from Apple’s Release Notes

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RFK Human Rights charity auction raises $200k

Would you pay $200,000 for lunch with Tim Cook? It looks like that was the going bid for the RFK Human Rights charity auction and the starting bid was at $10,000.


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Apple working on the iPad Pro

According to AppleInsider it appears that Apple is indeed working on a new “iPad Pro”. It’s suppose to have a 12.9″ screen, force touch input, usb-c connector and possibly NFC.

Read more about it here:

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Computer Resource Center has two locations in Rochester MN

Did you know that Computer Resource Center now has two locations for you convenience? They have a NW location in the Hillcrest shopping center at 1608 Highway 52 N and can be reached at 507-258-4572 and they have a South Broadway location at 2650 South Broadway Suite 300 and can be reached at 507-529-9600. Give them a call today for any of your Apple repair or PC repair needs!

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CRC is Rochester, MN locally owned Apple Authorized Service Provider

Not only is Computer Resource Center the only locally owned Apple Authorized Service Provider in Rochester, MN but they also work on PC laptop and desktop systems too. They perform virus, malware and adware removal on many different brands of Windows OS. Call them today at 507-258-4572 or 507-529-9600!!

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