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Adobe FlashPlayer Exploit Found

It appears that Adobe FlashPlayer’s latest version has a new update due to another security flaw. The flaw can be exploited on both Windows and Mac systems alike but is only being seen on Windows PC’s at the moment. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest version ASAP.

This link will take you directly to Adobe’s FlashPlayer install page.

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Apple is paying artists during the trial period

It looks like Apple will be changing their policy about paying artists during the 3 month free trial. This seems to come after a public letter from Taylor Swift. There have been other artists and agencies bringing up their concern about this but it seems that Swift’s letter may have been the turning point.

You can read Taylor’s letter from Tumblr¬†here and AppleInsider has Apple’s response here

iMac 27 inch 3 TB Hard Drive replacement program

Do you have a 27″ iMac with a 3TB internal hard drive? If so it may qualify to have the hard drive replaced under a replacement program that Apple just started. The iMac would’ve been sold between December 2012 and September 2013. If you think yours may be affected you can follow the link below and type it in the serial number. If it does qualify please get in touch with us at 507-529-9600 and we can help get that replaced for you.

You can see check out if your serial number qualifies at Apple

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Adobe updates their Creative Cloud Suite

So it looks like Adobe has updated their creative cloud suite and with it their minimum system requirements. In order to run the desktop applications you will now need Mac OS 10.9 or newer or Windows 7 or newer. So please make sure that your computer system meets the system requirements and if it does not make a backup of it before upgrading. This is always crucial when you do a full system update.

You can read about the system requirements from Adobe or MacRumors had a nice article about the new features.

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Showtime to follow HBO with stand alone streaming service

It looks like SHOWTIME is now following HBONow and having their own stand alone service starting July 12th for $10.99. This will coincide with the season premieres of Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex

click here for more details

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Apple issues recall for Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speaker

It looks like there is an issue with the Beats Pill XL Speaker. It has the potential to cause a fire and because of this Apple is offering a recall of the product. You can follow the link below to see how to return it to Apple and claim your $325 electronic payment or Apple store credit

Click here to find out how you can send in your Beats speaker and follow the directions

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