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Thinking of upgrading your Mac with a SSD Drive

Have you been thinking: How do I get more life out of my Mac? One of the easiest things to do would be to upgrade the RAM to the maximum capacity and upgrade the hard drive from a traditional spinning drive to a new SSD drive. The SSD drive utilizes the flash storage just like your smart phones do and they provide exceptional speed increase since there are no moving parts inside the drive. If you are interested in any upgrades to your computer call us today at 507-529-9600!!

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I have had a few of you contact me recently in regards to the latest scam going around the internet. What happens is a pop up will appear on your screen. It will warn you that your computer is infected with a virus or MalWare. There will be a phone number to call, which they want you to call.

If you do, they will get you to allow them to remote to your computer. Once on it, they will install a program or two and proceed to tell you you have hundreds if not thousands of problems. The issue is they will then tell you for somewhere between $100 and $400 they will cleanup up your computer.

Sometimes the pop up will have a audio track telling you your computer is infected and to call the listed number.

If you can’t close the popup, turning your computer off and then back on usually will get rid of it. Both of these are total scams.

No company will ever call you and tell you you PC is infected. The same goes for pop up screens, unless it happens to be from a Anti-virus program or MalWare program you have installed on your computer.  If someone does call you, hang up. If a pop up appears, try to close it. If you can’t try to shut down your PC the normal way. if you can’t do that hold the power button until it goes off.

The best rule of thumb is to never let anyone remote to your PC unless you personally know them or have done business with them before.

If you are still having issues with pop ups and audio tracks give us a call and bring it in so we can help remove this MalWare for you.

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