Monthly Archives: June 2016

Windows Manufacturers continue with bloatware on their systems

This isn’t sounding good for Windows 10 users or any of the name brand manufacturers. Sounds like even if you enable the data privacy settings in Windows 10 it still goes and sends unknown information to Microsoft servers. It also seems that each manufacturers own updating software has issues and its recommend to uninstall them when possible.

AppleInsider has a more indepth article about the bloatware and how it makes you vulnerable.

Microsoft Surface reporting a “Sleep of Death” scenario

Are you using a Microsoft Surface Pro? If so have you experienced the “Sleep of Death” situation. It seems that if you put your surface to sleep for more than a few hours it will cause a system crash and then you’ll have to force the system to shut down and reboot.

AppleInsider had the article and it did point out that even Apple’s iPad Pro had a similiar situation but was fixed with a iOS update.