Monthly Archives: July 2016

Microsoft Pix for iOS may beat Apples own camera app

It seems that Microsoft may have out done Apple by introducing a new iOS camera app called Microsoft Pix. There are no user controls with it but instead uses AI to enhance the photos. Users on TNW and Recode are saying that it is better than Apples own camera app. It’s available now for download from the app store.

9to5Mac has a good article on it and some sample pics also

Vintage Apple-1 up for auction

Are you into vintage computers and have $1 million to spare? If so this rare Apple-1 maybe right up your alley! A celebration Apple-1 has a blank PCB board that was never sold to the public or put into production. CharityBuzz is expecting the bidding to be close to $1M and the bidding starts July 25 going through August 25th.

MacRumors has more on it here

A new way to store data at the ‘atomic’ level

It looks like a new way to store data that may eventually become available if the scientists can work out all the bugs. At the moment they are saying that storing information to an atom of chlorine is holding 502 gigabits of information per square inch. This is a significant increase from 1.34 terabits/square inch on current hard drives. So if scientists can work out temperature issues and increasing the read/write to the atoms then there would be a significant increase to storage capacities in any current device.
For more information head over to AppleInsider and check it out.