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Did Microsoft prove Apple right with their leak?

So a couple of days ago Microsoft had their master key for secure boot on the Surface and Phones leaked. This wasn’t a hack by some nefarious group this was a completely human error of someone leaving the code in retail devices. The code is out there and people are talking about how it will be impossible for Microsoft to patch up the code because it would cause even more problems.
Of course there are parallels to Apple’s case with the FBI on how having just one person having access to the master key would not work and Microsoft has just proved that.


9to5Mac has a more indepth article on it.

Apple has started a bug bounty program but its invite only

Apple has announced a bug bounty program that pays out up to $200,000 for undiscovered software and hardware vulnerabilities. You can take the amount that you would qualify for or if you donate the amount to charity Apple would match one to one. Apple is one of the last consumer electronics brands to offer such bounties.

AppleInsider has more details on what this program offers.