Throwback Thursday Apple Commercial

Throwback Thursday has a ‘I’m a Mac’ commercial about security. 

Even though it is recommended that you now have some form of security on your Mac it wasn’t always like that

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Apple Adopting Mini LED Tech

Are you ready for a 31.5″ Apple Display? How about the return of a 17″ MacBook Pro. It seems that Apple will start to implement Mini LED Display Tech into some devices. If the rumor is true though we might not see a 17″ MacBook Pro until 2021 though

MacRumors has more on it here along with additional models

Facebook is back in the hot seat

Facebook just doesn’t seem to get the idea that users don’t want their data on public servers and available.
In the latest on going Facebook issue it seems that Facebook didn’t necessarily leak or get hacked but instead 3rd party apps had access to data and were storing them on public Amazon servers.

MacRumors has more on that here

Intel has a new processor vulnerability being dubbed ‘Spoiler’

Intel seems to have an issue with their processor having vulnerabilities. The latest one discovered late last year and just now being released to the public after a 90 day grace period is being called the ‘Spoiler’. The vulnerability affects every one of intel’s processors and as of yet doesn’t have a patch. This means that every PC and Mac system could be at risk unless an OS patch has been issued for it.

AppleInsider has more here

Do you use Facebook two-factor authentication(2FA)? You may want to think again

Facebook has come under a lot of scrutiny for their privacy issues and here is just another one to add to the list. It seems that a second problem has been found with their 2FA. You may remember that the first issue was that the 2FA phone numbers were being used for ad targeting but now it has been revealed that it also made the phone number searchable and you can not fully opt out.

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