Apple issues security update for root access

If you have followed any Apple news over the past 24 hours you’ve probably become familiar with the security issue on the latest MacOS HighSierra update that allows people to log in with the root account. Apple has just come out with an update to fix this issue. So if you are running 10.13.1 or above it is HIGHLY recommended that you run the security update.


9to5mac has more here

Microsoft stop support for Office 2011 for Mac

Microsoft has fully stopped supporting Office 2011 for Mac. It is also worth noting that Office 2011 may not work properly or at all with macOS High Sierra. If you are having issues with this please feel free to give us a call at 507-529-9600 and we can help assist you in upgrading to Office 365!

Microsofts tech community had a thread about it here