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Have you ever heard the saying that “The best defense is a good offense”? Well, this applies to keeping your computer running, as well! When it comes to preventing computer hardware failure and slow running software issues, it is always better to be proactive than to be reactive.

In the interest of keeping your computer running the best it can and in order to prevent unexpected computer repairs we are happy to offer two new levels of service!

  • CRC Pro Support - $99.95/year
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      CRC Pro Support is a service that will proactively monitor the hardware on your computer and notify us if there are any issues with your system including RAM and Hard Drive issues.

      It will also keep track of software expiration dates, detect if any malware is installed on your computer, along with keeping track of what version of the operating system you are running and if updates are available

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  • CRC Pro Support Plus - $124.95/year
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      CRC Pro Support Plus includes everything in the CRC Pro Support package PLUS Trend Micro Anti-Virus software!

      When you subscribe to the CRC Pro Support Plus package we will also remove any malware you may encounter FOR FREE! If you already purchased Trend Micro through us, don't worry we got you covered with special pricing for current Trend Micro subscribers!


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