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CRC PC Services

CRC offers free diagnostics on PC computer systems. Whether you are having desktop or laptop issues we strive to be able to look at your computer yet that day and contact you and see how you would like to proceed. Generally we have a 24 - 48 hour turnaround. Whether your Laptop has a cracked display or your PC desktop has malware installed we can help you out

We are able to help you with a wide variety of items that you may need to have addressed. This includes everything from basic computer setup, Home WiFi setup, Computer Upgrades and more!

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  • Laptop & Desktop Repair
    • laptop and desktop repair
      CRC is proud to offer free diagnostics on all repairs. So, if you have a damaged laptop screen, or if your computer is simply running too slowly, make sure to see us first.
    • CRC offers complete PC desktop and PC laptop repair. Whether you are having a software or hardware problem, CRC can help. We strive to have a fast turnaround time with most software and hardware repairs being completed within 24 to 36 hours

      open desktop pc
  • Complete PC Computer Upgrades
    • complete system upgrades
      Have you had your PC Desktop or PC Laptop for a few years now? Does it seem to be running slower than it used to? Give us a call and let us take a look at your computer and see why its not running like it did when it was new!
    • Now don't be surprised if one of our first suggestions would be to upgrade your traditional spinning hard drive to a new Solid State Drive or SSD. By upgrading to a new SSD its like a breath of fresh air for your computer. A SSD is faster than the traditional spinning drive and we can help suggest a size based on how much data you are currently using and transfer your user account onto the new SSD
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
    • data recovery
      Is your PC filled with adware, malware or viruses? We have partnered up with Trend Micro to provide you with Anti-Virus, Malware and Ransomware protection for your PC Computer. We first perform a complete system cleanup on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop system to ensure that any viruses or malware on your computer system have been removed. We then install Trend Micro's smart, optimized security solutions to help mitigate any future issues.


  • Blackblaze Cloud Storage Solutions
    • blackblaze cloud
      A lot of our customers come in with their system performing slowly. Most of the time this is due to a drive that is starting to fail or has failed and they don't have a backup of ANY kind.

      Backblaze offers unlimited storage for your music, pictures, documents and anything else that you may have stored on your computer or external hard drives. Visit Backblaze today to install their easy to use interface and have your data backing up to the cloud in minutes.

      Start your free 15 day trial or sign up for $5 per month per computer, $50 per year per computer or $95 for 2 years per computer today.
  • Home Networking
    • network
      Did you get a new wireless router or don't remember your wireless password? CRC can help by coming in and setting up the wireless router, resetting your wireless password or set up a completely new home network. CRC can also come in and set-up your entire office network from service and work stations, to network logistics and back-ups.
  • On-Site Repair
    • on-site repair
      Would you rather have us come out and fix your system instead of bringing it in? CRC has complete on-site services available, and if we cannot fix the problem on-site, we will take the machine back to our offices, handle the repairs and then return it to you.
  • Custom PC Builds
    • custom pc builds
      CRC can work with you to build a system to your specific needs and demands, from high-end gaming systems to a standard workstation.

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