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Thank you for visiting our Web Store for our Business Clients.

Now, there may be some products that we just aren’t authorized to resell due to circumstances out of our control. We will try and find an equal or better replacement for you. If you are in Rochester, MN or the surrounding area and would like us to also install the hardware equipment for you we can always ship it to us and then schedule a time for an on-site install

Computer Health Monitoring Software

If your business has an in-house IT Department and has thought about a health monitoring system for their PC or Mac Computers please email us

We also re-sell a read only service that will monitor a computers

It also informs you what the Service Tag or Serial Number of the computer and with laptops the current capacity of the battery

It runs these checks every hour and then will send you an email if there are any issues that come up. These could be bad sectors on your hard drive, a RAM module that is failing or if there is malware. This way you can catch the issue before it becomes a major problem

If your company is interested please email us for more information at